I became interested in scything a few years ago. I had an opportunity to source a few of those classic bent handled scythes with the heavy flat blades.  I thought I was set to mow free of the sound and fumes that come with gas driven tools. I quickly realized, with this tool, I was destined to back aches and poorly mowed grass. After a little initial research I learned of the so called Austrian scythe. A tool used almost all over the world, despite the name, as a self powered means to cutting lawns, fields and grains. I became nothing short of enthralled and obsessed with utilizing this tool and sharing its beauty with others. Soon I was pouring over the writings of Peter Vido and son Kai’s website and clearing house for expounding the virtue and growing necessity of this tool for conviviality (Ivan Illich). I am available to offer what I have learned about making your own snath (handle) from “natural” un-milled wood, adjusting the blade and body to the snath for easy mowing, basic blade sharpening (peening) and body movement for  pleasurable work with this tool. Locals to the Greater Ithaca area and surrounding counties are welcome to inquire about time I can share to this end. Please visit Vido’s site to learn more than I can hope to share with you from this humble mentioning.

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